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Here is a list of common questions people have asked about Edozzier

When you consider transitioning from an exhausting and manual process to a fully automated system or if your current school management software is not reliable and it is generally quite frustrating for everyone involved.

Edozzier promises the efficiency and the reliability you need to manage your school smoothly.
The Edozzier data migration bot makes the transition of your school data very faster and easier when access to the current system is given to the bot. You can migrate to Edozzier from your old system and get setup in a single day. It is even much more easier when the other software has a data export feature.
Typically, you only need any device that has a web browser and stable internet to use Edozzier.

The software is responsive and high performing on any kind of devices including mobile phones, tablets and computers. It is only left to the preference of the individual stakeholders on the device that works best for them considering the screen-sizes.
Everyone, while you are going to learn the ropes, using Edozzier requires no special domain experience in ICT. It is intuitive and easy for anyone to jumpstart using the system.
Edozzier is so flexible that it can be customized to suit each school's template and preference.
We know that schools don’t stand still. That’s why Edozzier continues to evolve. Our expert
team of developers is constantly implementing ideas, new functions and complementary
updates to help our client schools grow and thrive. Every aspect is fully integrated to meet your
changing needs.
We offer sufficient training during pre-launch and post-launch periods, and Edozzier is known for it’s ease-of-use.
Yes, Edozzier is a fully-featured LMS, it supports virtual learning and remote
communications between teachers and students with features including CBT testing, assignments, and lots more.
Typically, schools that uses Edozzier experience constant up-time because Edozzier is stable
and reliable. They are really pleased with how its working for them.

We get you setup, train your staff and back you up with top-rated personalized support no matter where you are in the world. We have the experience and reach that schools need, with the individual support, flexibility and expertise to incorporate new ideas and developments.
Data Security is at the core of Edozzier’s value. The system employs bank-level security to protect all user data.
Yes, you can effortlessly export all your data and reports anywhere and anytime
Yes, Edozzier has a very good partner program, that allows partner to earn has much as N300k monthly when they sell Edozzier to new customers

Edozzier is the SIMPLE, SECURED, & AFFORDABLE Approach To Digitizing Your School

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