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Edozzier is a fully integrated management software for schools, hospitals and companies.

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Hospital Management System

Edozzier for Hospitals

School Management System

Edozzier for Schools

Customized Management System

Customized Software Design

School Management System

Edozzier for Schools

Hospital Management System

Edozzier for Hospitals

Customized Management System

Customized Software Design

Automate Your Institutions. Have a rest of Mind.

Edozzier has become the joy of many Chief Medical Directors, Vice Chancellors, School Owners/Admins, IT Experts…

Automate your institution in 6 minutes. It is easy, start now. Beat the competition.

From Admissions to transcript, multi campuses, Accounting and payments, results, AI testing engine, LMS, Edozzier automates all for you.

School management becomes more efficient with Edozzier

The hassle of traditionally running and managing a school will come to an end with Edozzier.

Edozzier school management system is built specifically for the purpose of a better and well automated management of school activities, students, teaching and non-teaching staff, accounts, reports, human resources, etc.

Hospital’s processes made easy

Time is a crucial factor in saving lives in an hospital. With Edozzier Hospital Management, the unnecessary process that sometimes leads to the death of patients will be subdued or eliminated.

Edozzier for Hospital helps to electronically manage patients record, laboratory, doctors and nurses, payroll, accounting and finance, HR and so much more.

Data Freedom and Flexibility

You are never guaranteed to have a stable internet connection, but Edozzier still allow you perform operations offline.

Enjoy the freedom you have with being able to have your data offline and in excel sheets.

Now you can convert Data on Edozzier to Excel files easily by using the “open in excel” options in Edozzier. You’re complete in control.

Edozzier is Cost Effective

You can manage an institution of about 500 students and 80 staff with as low as #15,000 ($40) per month when you select the basic features.

Consider that, $40 dollar per month for a rest of Mind and proper management.

Data Security

Edozzier provides all the necessary measures to ensure data security, so that the data is not being breached upon by any outsider.

We keep the data secure with cloud compliance experts.

Edozzier AI Management System

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Fast and Responsive

Tablets, Mobile, Smartphones, iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Our Web solutions are suitable for all screens.

Enterprise Solutions

Schools, Financial Institutes, Hospitals, Large, Medium and Small Business and more, we deliver to your satisfaction.

Elegant Design

Fast, Scalable, Safe and Secure architecture, deployed with a carefully thought design.

Fully Secured

We empower software development teams to deploy secure code using our cloud-based platform and application security testing solutions.

Expert Support Team

Our Technical support top-notch and are ready to give an answer to every question you may want to ask.

Training & Documentation

From implementation to Usage guidance to functionality requests, our timely support team is always ready to be there with you.

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Sincerely, at first I doubted the workability of the software due to past experience with other school management application especially when it’s time to roll over to next session. But for 4 years now, edozzier has being proving it’s ability to fully automate the whole school system, from preparing results to generating transcripts. ..hostel management, accounting system etc all automated. I really love the app and it’s making me proud and relax at my work.

Wale Adedokun

ICT Administrator, Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary

If I am asked again and again and again to mention a school management software that works I will name edozzier. It makes running a school a breeze.

Revd. Dr. Oladejo

Rector, Baptist College of Theology, Oyo.

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