Only a few universities can claim true automation.

Being online is different from being automated.

Your school may be online but not automated.

But, a university cannot be automated and not be online.

If students still have to print after an ‘online’ course registration and then physically take it to the departmental course faculties/advisors before the faculty could have knowledge or record of it, such school could partially claim to be online but it’s far from being automated.

An automated system needs to be able to do the following;

  1. Once a student registers for a course on the school’s student-portal, registered courses are AUTOMATICALLY and INSTANTLY displayed on each lecturer-in-charge dashboard for result computation. NO PHYSICAL CONTACT

2. All computed result should be automatically analysed and assembled INSTANTLY, department by department at a central registry or exams and records ready for senate sitting and approval without any PHYSICAL CONTACT or need for papers.

3. The senate approval could be possible by the click of an approve button by at least three authorized senate members and all students get a result released notifications on their student portal app. Making it possible for students to get result same second it’s approved. NO PHYSICAL CONTACT.

But, how can a system automatically detect which course is taken by which lecturer and who and who is a senate member or where the registry is?

This can only be done by an enterprise application system.

Setup an enterprise application system now and get your school fully automated in 6 minutes.

Automating processes saves time and allows resources to be diverted elsewhere.

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