Only a few universities can claim true automation; Being online is different from being automated.


Your school may be online but not automated; in the other case, your school cannot be automated and not be online.


If students still have to print after an ‘online’ course registration and then physically take it to the departmental course faculties/advisors before the faculty could have knowledge or record of it, such school could partially claim to be online but it’s far from being automated.


Here is a case of an automated system in use;

  1. Online Registrations

Students are able to register for their courses from the student self-service portal and student registrations for each course are AUTOMATICALLY and INSTANTLY displayed on the dashboard of the lecturer-in-charge of the course. This makes for easy result computation, sharing of class resources and sundry actions. NO PHYSICAL CONTACT.

  1. Results computation and transcript processing

Student performance records are automatically prepared and analysed INSTANTLY for each academic faculty at a central registry or exams and records office, these results are available in real-time to the senate for sitting and approval ALL-IN-A-SINGLE PIECE OF SOFTWARE. The senate approval is possible by the click of an approve button by authorized senate members and all students get a result-release notification on their self-service portal app in the same second the results were approved. Student’s academic transcript is ready in the fastest time and there is no loss of record why transferring files over different pieces of softwares or manually.

  1. Enrollment and Admissions

The entire enrollment process of a new student into the school is managed from a software removing the common tedious and error issues. Automation of these processes will ease admission inquiry, fee collection, application, and enrollment.

Automation amongst various definitions involves instructing the computer softwares to assume the control of processes within an organization, it is to become an integral part of school processes through the innovation of school management practices. Automation softwares in schools are used to support a range of school administrative activities including monitoring, records keeping, reporting, financial management and resource and staff allocation. With decision making as a vital role, automated school administration softwares can monitor itself, determine a course of action, and take action as defined by the administrator.

School owners and administrators are expected to create a positive culture and change, as well as provide leadership and comprehensive development opportunities for teachers, and other people stakeholders within its system. In the last 7 years more especially in the year of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world, the reality of automation and remote culture has spiked and it has increased the adoption of school automation systems rapidly due to its efficiency and effectiveness in keeping schools running.

There are enough administrative tasks performed by the human resources of a school daily which have become tedious, monotonous and error-prone. These tasks could be given to computer softwares to automate with a little overseeing effort by the administrative officers. School administrative offices that spend a large amount of time in solving complex allocation problems (such as staff allocation, resource allocation and time-table scheduling) and monitoring school operations now have a lot more optimized way due to enhanced technology. Information technology facilitates the de-centralization of work tasks and their coordination in an interactive network of communication in real-time; these tasks include data transfer and analysis.

A school management system as a school automation tool provides the information required to manage a school organization efficiently and promises huge advantage and optimization of day-to-day school processes including immediate and better accessibility to school information, more efficient administration, higher utilization of school resources, student performance records safety and quicker availability(such as performance transcripts), reduction in workload, better time management, improvement in the quality of reports.

School management systems have improved work practices and attitudes of managers in the areas of leadership, decision making, workload, human resources management, communication, responsibility and planning. The system can in real-time assist the school manager in determining the school position or direction, formulating strategic plans, distributing resources, evaluating staff performance as well as organizational success.

A very efficient school management software allows for greater flexibility and network that emphasizes interdependence, interaction and constant adaptation to an increasingly changing environment. They are used to support a range of administrative activities including attendance monitoring, assessment records, reporting, financial management and resource and staff allocation.


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