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Edozzier School Management System

You no longer need to worry about managing the day to day activities of the school, because Edozzier will manage and monitor it all for you.



Admission Management module is efficient web-based user-driven application software for managing the entire admission process. Registration of admission process is simplified by an online registration process.

More about Admissions

Admissions comes with an application portal for an intending candidate and front office for the admission officer for monitoring the progress and viewing the data as the applicant submits them. It comes with a virtual interview system and all the complexities for processing admissions are coded under a button ‘grant’ that needs to be clicked for the ‘magic’ to happen. The admission officer also gets notified of number of applicants and progress made for the day, week, month or year.
Now it’s easy to acquire more candidate for the school and yet the process is no longer complicated.

More candidate… Less work!


The Academic Module gives you access to Classes, Sections, Subjects, Assign Teachers, Timetable, Syllabus, Promotion and more

More about Academics

Edozzier academics module is what makes it possible to have an exact digital copy of your physical school academic environment in your phone or laptop. You can add class rooms to various campuses of your school and assign class teachers and class captains to them. Control the school’s session and terms.

This module makes other power feature such as the Edozzier Timetable, the Edozzier attendance and auto promotion possible.

The confidence to say the whole of your school in the palm of your hands comes from this module.

Fee and Finances

Online transaction is made accessible. E-commerce Payment System (NGN/USD).

More about Fees & Finances

Defaulters excuses are endless, Edozzier fees takes care of it all. Defaulters can’t forget again as this module reminds them every moment with whatsapp, SMS and emails. The amount remaining is always before them as this module automatically calculates individual student balances and updates their guardians accordingly.

It also provides the option of an instant online payment. The banks might be busy or far or even closed for the day.


It helps pay your people and distribute their contributions accurately and on time.

More about Payroll

Exams & Records

This give access to Examination and Assessments Grades, Marks Sheet and CBT

More about Exams & Records

Human Resources

It allows complete control over Staffing, development, compensation, safety and health, and employee and labor relations.

More about Human Resources


The Library Module gives you access Online School Library, Study Materials and Assignments

More about Library


The Inventory Module gives you access to Asset Documentation, Reports/Stats and Analytics

More about Inventory


Messaging and Chats (groups and instructor/Teachers)

More about Human Resources

Designed specifically to meet your needs

All in one School management software that you need to manage your School and Colleges. Its the most secure and customizable software suited to all level of Schools and Colleges.


If I am asked again and again and again to mention a school management software that works I will name edozzier. It makes running a school a breeze.

Revd. Dr. Oladejo

Rector, Baptist College of Theology, Oyo.

Sincerely, at first, I doubted the workability of the software due to past experience with other school management applications especially when it’s time to roll over to the next session. But for 5 years now, Edozzier has been proving its ability to fully automate the whole school system, from preparing results to generating transcripts. ..hostel management, accounting system, etc all automated. I really love the app and it’s making me proud and relax at work.r

Wale Adedokun

ICT Director, NBTS

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Get Everything You Need With Just One Tool

Edozzier offers an affordable solution for the administration of educational institutions of any size.

It offers one common school database systems and configurable user profiles for everyone in your school. It’s allowing administration, teachers, students and parents to share the information with each other.

User Friendly & Interactive

Full Customization

World Class Support

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