About Us

SQI ICT Consultants is an innovative technology industry focused, business driven professional
services firm. From website design and development to custom applications, our talented
people work intelligently to solve and manage client´s needs. We serve to deliver cost-effectively
interactive technology and design solutions without compromising on quality.
With clients globally, SQI ICT Consultants produces innovative, high-performance web applications for
companies in multiple industries including education, hospitality, retail, wholesale, communications and so on. Using the latest programming and design technologies, we create an optimal, effective, online, mobile as well as desktop experience for every client.
We can work within your existing corporate framework or create one for you to establish a sense of branding for your needs.


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Making Africa a Tech. Continent!

SQI College of ICT is filled with people who are creative, passionate, experienced and have this itching love of community building, technology, learning, and the desire to better themselves.

SQI College of ICT is a Registered Training Institution, delivering nationally accredited training and hands-on education in the area of the Software Architecture, Robotics Engineering, and 3D Animation & VFX.

Over the past 9 years, SQI ICT Academy has built a reputation as one of the premier hands-on, intensive ICT training schools in the world before being instituted as a college of ICT.

Students find themselves completely immersed in their course of study, surrounded by award-winning faculty and working with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. The project-based curriculum is designed to reflect a real-world environment while encouraging students to explore their own creativity and passion.

The mentorship approach to training at SQI College of ICT makes learning more productive and overly inclusive.


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